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Quilting Service
We offer Simple Overall Meandering, Edge to Edge Patterns, and Custom Quilting that will put the finishing touch to your quilt top. A variety of quilting patterns are available as well as overall freehand meandering. 

Simple Overall Meandering - $.015 psi (Stippling or Loops, Stars) 

(Example: if your quilt measures 50" X 60" it would equal 3000 sq inches.   3000 X .015= $45.00. This would be your cost for a Simple Overall Meandering.)

Edge to Edge Pattern - $.02+ psi (is determined by the pattern density) 

Binding Service - $ .10 per running inches for machine binding both sides
Example: if you quilt measures 50"X 60" your total running inches would be 220, which would cost you $22.00 for this service.

Batting and Backing should be provided by quilter however I can provide batting for an additional cost. 

Backing should be 6-8 inches larger than the quilt top in length and width.

Please iron your quilt top and backing and if possible bring on a hanger. Please check quilt top for loose threads to avoid extra charges.

* PLEASE NOTE: Pictures of your quilt could be used on Social Media for marketing purposes UNLESS you wish otherwise. Thank you. 
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